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Hello my name is Edwina, this is web site for my family and my interest in   Primitive American Crafts, Antiques and Collectables.       

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Our home is on a small island of 147 square miles off the South Coast of   England  (UK) called the Isle of Wight.  

                                                                                We live in a small sea side town called Shanklin.

To  find the Island just take a look at a map of the UK.  Off the South coast of England look for a diamond shaped Island.   

                                                                                                                                                    Isle of Wight

      Below is a local map of the east Wight showing Shanklin


                   For information about our Island                              

        Our local newspaper paper                                      The County Press                                                                                                  

       For Steam Railway nerds..visit the Islands railway     IWsteamrailway

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                                          Our Home

                               Summer                           and                   Winter



 House viewed from the back Garden and yes they are palm Trees, four over 12 foot and a fifth about 5 foot.



We also have a pond with Koi / gold fish and frogs                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Oscar under the pond net FISHING!

   November 2004.




                                                                                                                                   Taken:  May 2008     The pond is now wider and deeper.    


Four small fry's where found they spent 18months living the life of luxury in a tank kept in the house. They gained their freedom back to the Pond Summer 2006, all four doing well.



Lemon our oldest and largest Koi can be seen in the middle of picture.



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                                                                        Family page

                       Crystal has now completed her 3 years at University. Well Done we are proud of you

                                  With a 2:1 BSc(hons) Degree in Marine and Freshwater Biology

                                         Now working @ Kandooma resort in the Maldives


                                                                   Good Luck for the future

                                                                   Graduation Pictures


                                   18th Birthday.  Crystal with dad and mum        The Cake





Three Girls out to Party. The end of school Prom has crossed the Atlantic and is getting very popular in the UK.

    Imogen -Crystal -Sarah


                                                                          Crystals Forever friends bears

                                                               How many bears does Crystal own?

                                                                                Here we see the annual bear count.

                                                                         This was just one bag of bears out of six!!!



CK home for Christmas 05





                                         Crystal at Wedding of her Cousin James August 27th 2005


                                                         James and Crystal                






                  THE GRADUATE


   University of Wales Aberystwyth

                    12July 2007


                         Proud Parents





                                           James with future Grad! Hollie


                    Aber Sea front           Escort to the Grad Ball         Grad Mates             Crystal and Kim



                                                                             Well this is it: Crystals 1st room at Aber Uni


                                             At least her room at home is now tidy!!!!!




Dive Buddies


Crystal is now a qualified 'Dive Master' and  'Assistant Instructor'

as from June 2009 Crystal now a fully qualified Dive Instrutor

                                    Dad is now An Advanced Open Water Diver qualified in Kandooma August 2008


                                                Crystal has worked in Tenerife as a Dive Assistant Instructor

             April 2008  Crystal went to the Maldives as the Resident Marine Biologist at the New Kandooma Island Resort

  Kandooma page

Will More Teddy make it to the Maldives or be left to fend for himself again!!!!!

           Latest:   More Teddy has been left at home again                        



                                                                                                Chilli Pippa  and More


Looking out for me mum





Pictures taken in Tenerife

                    CK in a Hover                                        CK trying to hitch a lift to the Maldives



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                                     SAMBA: Steve and Crystal are in a Samba Band :  Unidos

                                                     Steve full time Crystal when she comes home!!!

                                             Steve plays Timba and tambourin and is in charge of getting the crowd involved


                                     For more information on Samba in the UK: UK Samba                                                                                                                               

 Crystal playing with Unidos at Portsmouth for 'The Festival of the Sea' 2005


                  Latest CD from Unidos 'Drastic and Brutal'

                                     Unidos  Pictures   


 Tracks include: Rocks and Seaweed; Reba (written by Crystal);  Order your copy now

                                               goto unidos web site shop or via my feedback page


For information on Unidos check out the web site link below.

             To Hear some of our Music Go to

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                                            Steve's Flying Page


 Thinking of learning to Fly, try a Microlight like  Steve is learning in......when the weather is good, time off from work ok, Aircraft available, Wind light.  The aircraft is a Thruster T600n.

Any donations to Steve's Flying fund welcome!!!!

He did suggest taking up golf instead but it would probably be raining if he managed to find the time to play.                        

 This type of flying though is really affordable and fun, for more information click the  link for the Specialist flying school web site  at

The Flying season for 2005 has been much better than 04. All training now complete Steve hoping to have licence before the end of August 05 just waiting availability of examiner.

GFT Passed August 05

Steve now a qualified pilot for 3 axis Microlight (Ultralight in USA)

Stop Press:

With Crystal and Edwina both keen to fly, GBJC was booked for a Sunday afternoon in October. Alas it failed to return from the mainland with another part owner who had to do an emergency landing on a Golf Course. This idiot failed to fuel the aircraft and was very lucky not to have ditched in the Sea and lost his life.

GBJC is now with the makers 'Thruster': Fate Unknown Insurance write off.

Steve now flying in club aircraft.

Next major plan: Build my own aircraft. A Skyranger looks good  Click SKYRANGER

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       The happy pilot      




2000 ft approaching Sandown Airport to land on runway 05. If you know where to look you can see our House. We live insight of the airfield, I can see the all important wind sock from our computer room.



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My Cats remembrance page 

              KINKY                                        OSCAR                                                   JETHRO


I love Siamese cats, above is a picture of my little Boy Kinky, sadly no longer with us but remembered in our hearts. Next came Oscar who although terminally ill helped me get over the loss of Kinky, bless him our little Tuxedo cat. Then came Jethro, the Rogue, sadly another terminally ill cat, but feisty until the end.


                 Kinky at play            Oscar drinking pond water    Jethro also on the pond  

      For over 5 wonderful years we had a very large Tabby we called Tootsie, who has now sadly died



This has got to be my favourite picture of Tootsie very Arty you must agree.





Tootsie loves to sleep draped around my head. Waking up to those huge eyes staring at me is lovely, only problem her purring vibrates through the pillow.


     We  discovered Tootsie loved Corned Beef.



Tootsie in window waiting for someone to come home and feed her.





                           Tootsie competition Photo Dec 2006










 We now have a new Kitten from Whizkits of Barnstaple N.Devon. A Siamese Chocolate Point we have named Chilli. A lap cat very loving and very playful.



6 Months Old




Chilli is trying very hard to make friends with Tootsie who seems to have the look of 'I don't like it but I will put up with it.'    However! we have caught them together.



                      Chilli is a devil with Poor suffering Tootsie, so a cunning Plan is now in operation. To get another Siamese Kitten.

Pippa has arrived...................Pictures to far the plan is working

Pippa     chocolate tortie point :  arrived 29th September 2007




                                          First  meeting with Chilli


                              Oh no! another Siamese



The great plan has worked, since Pippa came all attacks on Tootsie by Chilli have ceased. within just 3 days Pippa and Chilli bonded



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                         In Memory of my American Friends cats.                                           


                       This is  Cody who lived in Florida ---->




<------This sad looking cat was a beauty called Magoo, who had been given a haircut, if you lived in Florida with all that fur!!!! you too would like it cut.



This is another Siamese like my kinky. This  lucky Siamese also lived in Florida with Cody and Magoo, Her name was PC

She would have been a lovely girlfriend to my kinky.


Ok so this is a cats page but this dog was special, Barney, who lost his life July 2004. Barney lived with all the above cats in Florida, I can still remember the first day I met Barney, he escaped, it was very funny watching my friend Vicky chase after him



In Memoriam: Sadly Vicky died  2006

If you live in England and have a loving home to offer to a homeless cat why not contact Carol at

                Cats Kingdom located on the Isle of Wight or your local RSPCA  


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FOR SALE        Vacation Time

                              As often as we can, my family go on vacation to Sarasota Florida USA.

We love this part of Florida with its golden beaches, shops and restaurants.

 Fishing is pleasant here and the Florida theme parks are only 2hrs easy drive away

Our Condominium is at Sarasota Sands on the south end of Lido Key

We have now decided to sell our Time share

Please visit the Sales team at

       Lido Key, Sarasota, Florida               information click     SARASOTA

                                                               Sarasota sands information click    Sands



Text Box: Sarasota Sands is situated on the west coast of Florida, south of St Petersburg and Tampa. 
Lido key is a barrier island connected to the mainland by scenic roads and bridges. This is a very upmarket area, with exclusive shopping and continental style restaurants and bars at St, Armands Circle.






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