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        These pages are dedicated to those of you who find it      

      difficult to cook and enjoy Gluten and Wheat Free Food.

Since my Daughter discovered she was a Coeliac we have discovered just how difficult it is to eat out or purchase convenience foods, which takes three times as long as we have to scrutinise every label. The Spelling of Coeliac is the British way. US English spell it Celiac.

All Restaurants, pubs, cafe's etc have to by law cater for the disabled with ramps, wide doors etc. but there are more of you Coeliacs than wheelchair bound people but do these establishments cater for your disability?

The Recipes so Far!  All tested. The Pate' has been  my family's favourite for many years.

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Pate’ Ingredients

500 grams (1lb) Liver. Your Choice. I prefer Pig

500 grams (1lb) Bacon, smoked or un-smoked preferably streaky

1 large Onion

3 cloves of Garlic.  More if you like.

1 Large Egg

1 tablespoon of Wheat free Flower

1/2 Pint of Milk


In Food Processor or using old Fashioned mincer

1.Blend Liver, pour into a large oven/serving Dish     

2.Blend Bacon, add to mix (Leave about 4 Slices of Bacon)

3.Blend Onion and Garlic. Add to mix

4.mix ingredients together add black pepper (add salt: only if un-smoked Bacon used)

5.Add egg / milk and Flower, Stir into mix

6.Lay remaining slices of bacon on top of mix

7.Cover dish and place in pr-heated oven at 160c(fan oven) 170c normal

8.After 1 hour remove cover then continue cooking for 1.5 hours use knife/skewer to check mix is cooked   

 9.Remove from oven allow to cool, then place in Fridge overnight


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      6 oz Plain Chocolate                 

      3 tsp water

      1 tsp Instant coffee

      5 Eggs

      8 oz Caster Sugar

      Icing sugar

      Double Cream


Place chocolate, water & coffee in a bowl and melt, over a heated pan of water

Separate 5 eggs

Beat the egg yolks adding 8oz of Caster Sugar

Keep beating

Whisk egg whites and fold into the main mixture, (the melted chocolate) be gentle.

 Place mixture in 8”x12” Swiss roll tin lined with grease proof paper

Place in oven set at 160 (fan assisted) for 20-25 minutes


Remove from oven, allow to cool then cover with a damp T  Towel leave overnight.


Place grease proof paper on work surface. Sprinkle with icing sugar.

Turn cake onto it

Peel of the lining from bottom of cake mixture. Carefully

Whip cream until thickened

Spread cream over cake

Using the paper roll the cake mixture


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Orange & Almond Cake


            2 Oranges (wax free)

            6 Eggs

            250 grams Ground Almonds

            1 tsp Baking Powder

            250 grams Caster Sugar

 Place the  two whole Oranges in a pan of cold water

 Bring to Boil and simmer for 2 hours

 Allow to cool then pulp oranges.

Beat 6 eggs until frothy

Add 250 grams Caster Sugar Slowly

Carefully fold in 250 grams of Ground Almonds

Add 1 tsp Baking Powder

Stir in Orange mixture

Pour mixture into a cake tin lined and greased

Place in oven for 40 to 50 minutes @ 160 (fan oven) Use skewer to test if cooked. I found the middle took longer and covered the cake for its final 10mins

Allow to cool then remove from tin


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